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Σακίδιο πλάτης

by Pat Zranujit

Sakidio Platis is Greek for backpack. 

We are driven by a vision of making business travelers’ life easier and more stylish. Our brand new backpack design is full of smart features and is based on a modular concept aligned with most airlines’ hand luggage allowances. Not satisfied by simply following in the footsteps of other brands, we are excited to offer you the new experience of adjusting the look and size of your backpack to match your needs.

wix-sakidio-platis-3 copy.jpg
versatile-design copy.png

The backpack is suitable for a wide range of airlines’ hand luggage allowances. The following video demonstrates how to change the middle part.


This middle part is made from vegan leather and laser cut to create a perforated monogram pattern that reveals the white synthetic material inside. Another layer of vegan leather is mounted behind it to create durability.


1. for keychain

2. for pens or stylus

3. pocket size 21x11 cm

4. pocket size 17x11 cm

5. for passport

6. for laptop or table 13”